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Welcome to Kala Ambrose’s AURA SCHOOL
Six Weeks of Aura Exploration with World Renowned Intuitive, Award Winning Author and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose in her Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences.

It’s Time to Tap Into Your Psychic Ability and See the Energy Fields Around You.

In this Six Week Online Course, Kala teaches you how to see auras and more importantly, how to clear the energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of the aura in order to reach your highest and full potential. Each week you will receive a link to a video to watch, along with a PDF booklet study guide and exercises to try.

Kala's book, The Awakened Aura is recommended reading for this course.

An e-book version of her book will be sent to you from Amazon, which can be read on the Kindle or through the Kindle App on any smartphone.

What People Are Saying:

“A brilliant, well written book by Kala Ambrose. I highly recommend it and expect it to be a classic on all healer’s shelves.””

Colette Baron-Reid, intuitive counselor, life strategist and #1 best selling author of The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

““Kala is an amazing metaphysical teacher, with a deep understanding of her subject. In this well-written, personal and heart-felt book she takes the reader on a step-by-step healing journey to explore the life-force in and around us. She reveals the secrets of the auric field, its power and meaning. This is a very useful and easy-to-understand guide.” ”

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, authors of The Soulmate Path, The Chakras Meditation Kit and Tarot Discovery Kit

““For author Kala Ambrose, the uncommon gift of seeing and understanding auras came to her early in her childhood. For the rest of us, we can now learn how to discern our own auras, and those of others, and interpret the messages the auric field contains. Ambrose provides us with a fantastic ‘field guide’ to auras, writing with clarity, authority and insight as she presents us with everything we need to know about what it truly means to be creatures of energy and light. This is important information for a transformative time as we head into an age of expanding awareness and consciousness, or as the author states, ‘the evolution of humanity as super-powered beings.’ I highly recommend this wonderful book from a seasoned expert in the field.””

Marie D. Jones, author of Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Based Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will

““Kala Ambrose’s The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body, is not a book for just anyone. It’s a metaphysical ‘must have’ for everyone. Everyone who wants to access their psychic awareness and doesn’t know where to begin, no problem, Kala will teach you how. Through the wise words and simple techniques of this beginner-friendly guide to the aura, she not only manages to enlighten her readers on a very human level, she actually does so by inspiring them to rise above it. Thus, teaching us all the most basic of Universal principles – in order to connect with the spirit of others, we must first awaken our own.””

Marguerite Manning, author of Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract With The Universe

““Thank you for organizing this event. It was amazing to have a world renowned metaphysical teacher right in your home”!”

L.T. - California

““Kala was inspiring and offered valuable practical advice on how to read auras and tap deeper into our intuition. I am looking forward to reading her books and gaining deeper insight and knowledge. I plan on downloading her free meditation off her website as well. She is an amazing woman.” ”

M.C. - NYC

“Hi Kala, Thank you so much for responding to and posting the article: Can Human Energy Fields Affect Electronics? I had an experience yesterday in class in which I was very nervous about my speech. When I spoke the wall clock’s time hands just kept spinning around the clock very fast. It started when I started to talk and stopped when I stopped talking. I talked for about 7 min. and it stopped at the right time; oh goodness. The whole class saw it and I felt awkward to say the least. I prayed that I would be able to find out what was going on in a safe informative site and I found your article. Also you talk about street lights, thank you because that has been happening since childhood. When ever they turned off I would hope that nothing bad was around and now I know: nope it’s just my energy or an energy that is around me. Not sure how to say it. Anyway, thank you again for your article”. Take Care.”


““I highly recommend Kala Ambrose’s six week online webinar, Awakened Aura Course. Her knowledge is extensive, she always teaches from a place of wisdom and deep inner knowing, her teaching style is delightful, clear and her online webinars are excellent quality and really make you feel like your actually taking the course in person. Take a look and see if it resonates with you.””

J.Q. - North Carolina

““I feel so blessed to have found Kala Ambrose. I have taken a few of Kala’s courses this year with more coming, and I just can’t get enough (I was disappointed when the last class was finished, as I wouldn’t have my time on Tuesdays to spend with her. I’m now anxiously waiting the next one). She has such a gift of teaching and sharing all of her vast wisdom and knowledge. Her warm, sincere and kind energy makes it so easy to learn and understand what is being taught. I would highly recommend Kala Ambrose. Thank you…. you are an inspiration! xo””

T.B. - Canada

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Aura School with Kala Ambrose $297.00 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $297.00 USD

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