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Kala teaches and writes about how mystical spirituality and conscious intuitive awareness can be used in modern day living to live your best life.

And So the Journey Begins...

The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences™ (A.M.A.S.S.) provides the opportunity for online study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose. Choose your path from the courses, presented here as online video courses.

Aura School

It’s Time to See the Energy Around You. Six Weeks of Aura Exploration with World Renowned Intuitive, Author and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose

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Psychic School

It’s Time to Discover Your Hidden Psychic Talents. Six Weeks of Psychic Exploration with World Renowned Intuitive and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose.

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Dream School

It’s Time to Harness the Power in Your Dreams. Three Weeks of Dream Exploration with World Renowned Intuitive and Wisdom Teacher Kala.

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Wise Woman

Kala’s Wise Woman  One Year Course is available to you in Twelve Amazing Monthly Lessons. Explore Reading Tea Leaves and the Magic of the Seasons.

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Life Lessons

Three Weeks to Exploring the Soul Searching Questions - Who Am I and What is My Purpose Here?

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Private Consultations and Intuitive Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions are available with Kala.

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It's Time to Discover Who You Really Are

The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences™ provides the opportunity for online study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose. Choose your path from the courses listed here to begin your journey.

Kala Ambrose is a Modern Muse & Your Travel Guide to the Other Side

Award winning author, wisdom teacher, motivational speaker, host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show and practical intuitive guide, Kala’s teachings are described as empowering and inspiring. A highly interactive teacher on a mission to educate, entertain and inspire, Kala has taught thousands how to connect with their soul path and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s writing about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.


The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences™

The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences™ (A.M.A.S.S.) provides the opportunity for online study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose. Choose your path from a variety of courses, offered as video downloads, webinars and in private one on one study with Kala.

Academy Philosophy

Students who wish to examine their inner selves explore these courses and begin the journey to discover who they are. Each person retains this information deep within their soul where they hold the key. When we can answer the questions, Who Am I and Why Am I Here, we connect with our purpose and build the life of our dreams.

Each course follows the ancient rituals and techniques where each lesson is introduced to the mind, then experienced through the heart and eventually becomes a permanent part of the soul, carried forth from one lifetime to the next. It could be more accurately described to say that the information is absorbed within to gain new life, rather than committed to rote memory.

The goal of the Academy is to present the core concepts of universal wisdom. The teacher can be viewed as a gardener, planting seeds of knowledge in the mind of the burgeoning student. The student then cultivates these thoughts so that the seeds grow and yield fruit. This is referred to as turning knowledge into wisdom, moving from information gathering into action by applying what has been learned into daily life.

The essence of the Academy is to access the wisdom of the inner temple created within the heart, mind and soul on the spiritual planes. As each student endeavors to answer, Who Am I and Why Am I Here, the ancient teaching referred to as “As Above, So Below” is understood. This teaching explains that When We Activate Our Consciousness, We Become Magical Beings and Can Harness This Energy.

When the higher consciousness is activated, the all seeing eye of the universe becomes aware of our awakened presence and engages with us. During this awakening, a series of alchemical changes occur opening the auric bodies to receive an energetic transformation and informational download. An overflowing ocean of energy is now directed around the person enhancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Prior to this exchange, the heart, body and mind was only able to perceive and hold with their energy body, tiny droplets of this magnetic energy from the universe. This leads to a profound awakening for the student, that is timeless and as relevant and life-altering today as it was in the sacred temples of Egypt and Greece for in that Moment of Awareness and Enlightenment, Energy Changes on Every Level.

As the student begins the process of knowing, (gnosis) and awakening, each step leads further inward, gaining momentum along the way leading into a rebirth of the soul, which alters the person on all levels. This experience is symbolized by the butterfly; it begins life in one form as a caterpillar and then engages in a transformative process – going within a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. This is how the teachings grow, rather than you absorbing them, they take root and absorb into you, forever changing who you are and how you view the world. Rather than you controlling the garden, you become the garden.

With this in mind, perhaps it is time to ask this question… Are you the person you thought you were, or are you someone greater than you ever imagined? Perhaps you are the sum of all of these things and even more than revealed thus far. Now that you are aware of these possibilities, what will you do with them?

Each course taught by Kala is designed to stir the soul, awaken the mind and reveal long forgotten memories of past lives spent studying in the ancient temples, as well as inspire you to explore the magnificence and magic of who you really are.

Books by Kala Ambrose

Kala is the award winning author of six books: The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, The Awakened Aura, 9 Life Altering Lessons, Spirits of New Orleans and Ghosthunting North Carolina

The Awakened Aura

This groundbreaking guide contains a wealth of practical exercises, diagrams, and instructions that show you how to use this transformative energy  in the aura to create powerful positive change in your own life and in the world.

Kala Ambrose, a respected wisdom teacher, intuitive, and oracle, teaches how to connect with your rapidly changing energy body to expand your awareness and capabilities on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Discover how to:

  • Repair the aura for a balanced energy field
    Interpret the auras of infants, children, and teens
    Understand how energy cords attach in relationships
    Sense energy in buildings and natural locations
    Sense and communicate with spirit guides in the aura
    Use elemental energy to enhance your auric field
    Understand the impact of thoughts and emotions
    Access the akashic records through the auric layers
    Remove negative thought forms in the aura
    Create protective fields in the aura

The Awakened Psychic

With hands-on exercises and inspirational stories from Kala’s personal practice, this book is all about lifting the veil between the worlds, seeing into the future, and connecting with spirits and loved ones on the other side.

Everyone has intuitive ability at some level and those abilities can be a helpful tool in making decisions, following your dreams, enhancing your relationships, and building a business or career that you enjoy. Join Kala Ambrose as she explores the different kinds of psychic abilities and how they work together to live a spiritually fulfilled life.

In this book, you’ll explore…
Psychic Self Defense – Protection Energy Field
The Difference between Being Psychic and Being a Medium
The Difference between Ghosts and Spirits
Techniques to Heighten your Psychic Abilities
Difference between Intuitive Hunches and being Psychic
How to Awaken Your Powerful Inner Intuitive Oracle
Techniques to Connect with Spirit Guides

The Awakened Dreamer

Your dreams can be an important part of your decision-making, relationships, and problem solving—if you know how to properly use them.

Kala’s new book – The Awakened Dreamer shows you how to remember your nightly dreams, interpret what they are telling you, and use daydreams to manifest your desires into reality.

Kala Ambrose helps you combine daydreams with powerful visualizations that can be channeled into your nightly dreams, strengthening the connection between your conscious and unconscious self. Learn how to use your mind, body, spirit connection to achieve your goals and discover valuable insight on different kinds of dreams, including recurring, teaching and lucid dreaming. You can learn how to remember your dreams and even more importantly, how to interpret what they are telling you.


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